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General Organisation

The STCS is a scientific project with a primary interest in clinical research and with a strong secondary interest in the control of quality of care requested by the Swiss law on transplantation. The study is investigator-initiated. All participating centers and epidemiologists contributed to the design of the STCS. The STCS does not pursue financial interests. The institutional review boards of all transplanting centers approved the participation in the STCS.

After almost 15 years of STCS existence, the 'Association Swiss Transplant Cohort Study (STCS)' was founded on September 1st 2022. The association structure is complementing the existing research collaboration and the STCS thus turns into an independent legal entity. Founding members are the hosting institutions of the Swiss transplant centers, i.e. all Swiss University Hospitals and the Kantonsspital St. Gallen. Chair of the Association STCS is Prof. Jürg Steiger, University Hospital Basel. Vice-chair is Dr John-David Aubert, CHUV.

Since 2008, the STCS has successfully recorded all patients with all organ transplants performed in Switzerland (around 7000 recipients). The aim is to conduct long-term research in patient and organ survival and to ensure quality assurance in accordance with the Transplantation Act (Art. 20 Transplantation Ordinance) and the IVHSM. In the current funding phase of the Swiss National Science Foundation, which will last until the end of 2024, the STCS is being supported for its development into a so-called research-oriented data infrastructure and service (DIS) of national importance. Currently, more than 200 research projects are running within the framework of the STCS.

With the founding act in Zurich Kloten, which was solemnly performed by the delegates of the University Hospitals and the Kantonsspital St. Gallen, the Transplant Cohort is now an association and thus legally independent. This ensures a solid long-term basis and allows research and quality assurance aspects to be better reflected. A service level agreement will regulate the use of infrastructure and other services. The operational start of the association is planned for January 1st 2023.

gruendungsfoto.jpg#asset:2163Founding act in Zurich Kloten, September 1st 2022